Church of Christ in Lancaster (Junction City, Oregon)

The church of Christ meets in Lancaster at the following times.

Bible Study Sunday Morning: 9:45
Worship Sunday Morning:  10:45
Bible Study Sunday Evening in fellowship room 4 p.m. winters and 5 p.m all other seasons
Bible Study Wednesday  4 p.m. winters and 5 p.m. all other seasons.

Weekly Gospel Radio Program: Each Sunday at 3:30 p.m. on KORE 10.50 on the dial, Springfield, Oregon.  This is one of the oldest running Christian radio broadcasts in the area.

Click here for information about the weekly Ladies Bible Class and fellowship.

Call 541-998-8989 for directions or other information.

Click here to read the preacher's Web-Log.

To study about the gospel and the Lord's church, go to World Bible School, This study is recommended for local people in the Lancaster, and Tri-County area. If, after going through a World Bible School online study you are interested in further information on obeying the gospel, please contact us. 

The Lancaster Church of Christ in Lancaster, Oregon

These antique cars paused for a photo at the historic building of the Lancaster Church of Christ in 2014.

Please click on the picture on the upper left of this blog to listen to the playlist of church hymns in congregational singing, which are placed here for your edification.

See also the Bible Study link on the left which connects to the World Bible School study course. Local church members can have their Bible knowledge increased and their faith strengthened by taking this free course. If you do not know much about the Bible, this is the perfect course to take.

The Lancaster church of Christ in Oregon meets at this building on Lingo Lane in Lancaster, between Junction City and Harrisburg. (Mailing Address: 29285 Lingo Lane, Junction City, Oregon 97448)

We look forward to seeing you in Sunday morning Bible Study at 9:45 a.m. Worship services are at 10:45 a.m.  A church bulletin is published each week.

Sunday evening services in the fellowship room at 4 p.m. during winter months and 5 p.m.  during summer months.

Ladies Bible Class and lunch is at 10: a.m in the preacher's home  during winter months, and the 
fellowship room in the spring, summer and fall.  Call 541-998-1944 or email 

Call Stan Sherman for Bible Study or any questions: 541-998-8989,  email or, if you prefer to take an online Bible Study course, click this link to take you to World Bible School. which also serves the local area.

For your edification and to reach the lost with the gospel:
Radio Broadcast each Sunday at 3:30 on KORE in Springfield, Oregon, 10:50 on the dial. 

If you live in Lancaster or the Tri-County area we also offer the opportunity to participate in online Bible Study at World Bible School.  Just click on this link to get in contact with World Bible School. Members at the Lancaster church of Christ are also encouraged to take the online Bible Study at World Bible School to strengthen their faith and Bible knowledge, and to become a World Bible School Teacher.